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Dear Dr. Jim ~


We are writing to thank you for all the happiness you have recently brought to our family. It has truly been life changing! Thanks to the introduction of Bio-Allergenix we are on track to soon be free of not only our pet and seasonal allergies, but also our severe food allergies.


My husband and I were very skeptical at first when hearing about the Bio-Allergenix machine and the cold laser treatments. My husband has been a long time sufferer of allergies such as almond, cat and seasonal allergies. He has had to endure painful shots and consume various medications since he was a child. Since receiving treatments from your office, he is now allergy free from almond and cat and has not been bothered or had to take medicine for his seasonal allergies. This is extremely helpful since he owns his own roofing and siding company and works outdoors all year long.


Our sons, Will and Keegan, suffer from dog, egg and peanut allergies. Their reactions to the egg and peanut were considered so severe that they would experience an anaphylactic reaction if consumed. Will started his treatments, and to our amazement, even though he was only 3 years old, he sat very patiently and received treatments for all of his imbalances. Once it was time for his annual allergy test with his allergist, it was confirmed that his egg allergy had indeed been eliminated and his peanut allergy had been reduced in half.


Keegan is a different story. How do you get an 18 month old to sit still for testing or treatments? Since we treated him for his confirmed allergies, dog, egg and peanut, his dog allergy has been eliminated. We count the days until Keegan can sit still long enough to benefit from the full affects of the Bio-Allergenix and its treatments.


You are so great with the boys and they love coming to visit you. The process is absolutely pain free and drug free. Our boys walk into your office smiling and leave smiling! We were literally out of options, other then hoping they would outgrow their allergies. It was a small price to pay to try something new, but has become a priceless result on all the new found freedoms they now get to experience! Now, instead of applying a band-aid each time, the wounds are finally healed!


In good health & continued success,


The Wagner's










We found out when our daughter was a year old, that she was allergic to egg, peanut, and milk. Although her reactions were not severe, we still had to avoid them and this made mealtime very complicated. There were times when she would have to eat separate meals than the rest of us and she had to learn what she could eat and what her brothers could eat. There was planning to be done when we went to other people's houses. It can be costly too, buying special milk and food. When Dr. Jim told us about his new machine we were excited. The procedure was easy and painless! Now she can eat all the foods we eat. She loves telling everybody she can drink the same milk as her brothers. Thanks Dr. Jim!

The Sego Family



Dear Dr. Jim,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the difference the Bio-Allergenix treatments have made to our family! The freedom and ease it has given our children to be able to go anywhere is truly remarkable. My 6 year old twins were born as full-term, healthy babies. At 4 months old they began – especially my son- to develop serious eczema on their cheeks. At about 8 months old, my son would wheeze and have asthma symptoms and would never know when it would occur. We had to carry a nebulizer machine in case one of these episodes at any time.

At 2, we discovered that our son was deathly allergic to peanuts and cashews. That aspect of his reaction is surprisingly the easiest to manage. At 4, his sister began having the wheezing episodes and we were able to identify cats, hay and pollen as possible causes. This seemed to be consistent for her brother as well.

It was just after their 6th birthday that we learned of the Bio-Allergenix treatments. Since going through the treatments, with specific therapies for cats in addition to their other allergies, we have not had a single wheezing episode. The kids have been able to play at our family’s Iowa farm – even in the hay bales! They have been able to chase barn cats and even allowed to catch them without a single reaction! It has been amazing!!! Something as simple as going to a neighbor’s house or having a play date has become so much easier without having to do a full interview with the parents about pets and dust.

As a parent, it has made such a difference in the happiness of my kids, but especially in my level of anxiety whenever entering a new place or situation, and I just cannot thank you enough. The kids would actually look forward to their treatments – they were that easy and painless!

Thank you again,

The Beukema Family


Dear Dr. Jim,

I wanted to write this thank you note because with the Bio-Allergenix treatments I am now able to have dairy products. Two years ago I developed systems of cramping and bloating every time I ate dairy products. I thought I had developed lactose intolerance, so I tried over the counter meds which were of little help and were inconvenient to take. This was not an easy thing to accept as I have always been a big milk drinker, not to mention also not being able to have yogurt, ice cream, butter, etc. It was so bad that if I didn’t check the label of all food products I would suffer the symptoms within an hour of eating. I had resolved not to eat dairy products anymore. Then I saw the newspaper ad for Bio-Allergenix and I thought I should try it, even though my husband said he thought it was just another gimmick. I researched it on the web and then called to make my first appointment. After meeting with you I felt very comfortable with trying these completely pain free treatments. It is so great to be able to have dairy products again. Then as an added bonus the treatments also cured my seasonal allergies. Thank you. Diane C.




Since I've been receiving chiropractic care I haven't had to take any drugs for pain. I had been taking prescription drugs on a daily basis for head, neck, and back pain. I've also learned that many different ailments can be connected to alignment problems in my spine, and I don't have to just suffer through the pain."

Before seeing Dr. Kreibich I experienced back, neck, and hip pain. After Dr. Kreibich took some x-rays they revealed that my spine, neck, and hips were out of alignment. Being out of alignment was interfering with my daily routine. Besides the pain in my back, neck, and hips, I started to experience numbness in my fingers. After seeing Dr. Kreibich a few times the numbness in my fingers went away and shortly the pain in my back, neck, and hips had significantly decreased. I also noticed a change in my health, after being adjusted a few weeks I noticed that I was no longer getting hives, which before being adjusted I experienced on almost a daily basis. I was also able to stop taking my allergy medication. I would and already have recommended chiropractic care to others.

Dr. Jim, you have been great to work with. I feel that you truly care about my well being and I appreciate the helpful tips and exercises that you sent me home with. Thanks for always being flexible with my work schedule. You have truly been a blessing.